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Typically, only one months rent and a refundable security deposit are all that's required for you to move in. Here's a more detailed rental policy explanation.
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We own and operate over 500 apartments conveniently located throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area. Here's a complete list of currently available apartments.
We have been a leading provider of clean, affordable apartments to foreigners in Japan for over a decade. More than 75% of our tenants come from overseas. Learn more about Tokyo Rent.
First, take a look at our list of currently available apartments. Then fill out our online application form to let us know what you're looking for. Be sure to include a note about any special requirements or requests.
You can communicate with us in English, Japanese or Estonian. Here's all our contact information including email address, telephone, and fax numbers.
Have a question about our apartments, availability, features, policies, or just about living in Japan? We've tried to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions here. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then feel free to contact us.
Here's a collection of useful links that we've found, or that have been recommended to us. If you know of a site that would be helpful for people living in Japan, or if you're a webmaster that wants to exchange links, please let us know. Looking for a smaller apartment? We recommend you contact Tokyo Apartment and Office Center.
Trying to decide where to live around Tokyo? We have apartments throughout the city with easy access to major train and subway lines. This map shows the locations of our most popular apartment buildings along with a table showing the transit times to major city centers like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Roppongi, and others.
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"I’m very pleased with the work of Tokyo Rent. On their Website, there is a Russian version of the main homepage and there is even Russian- speaking staff."

."I have lived here for over a month and I can tell you that I’m happy with my choice."

Ekaterina - student from Russia at a Japanese Language school on a long-term study program

Read Ekaterina's full testimonial.

"I just wanted to say how happy my roommate and I are that we made the decision to rent with Tokyo Rent. It is not easy to rent an apartment in Tokyo especially for a foreigner. Usually we would need to pay key money, deposit money, agent fees, insurance, and utilities and would also need a Japanese Guarantor. I found Tokyo Rent's advisors to be really patient and helpful. They answered my barrage of questions in very friendly manner. They really helped me in this process of renting. I only paid deposit money and insurance very easily. I really enjoy staying in this apartment because this is a nice and quiet place, also near the station. I would definitely recommend Tokyo Rent and their service. They make your life much easier in Tokyo."
                - Student from Indonesia

"Living in Tokyo can sometimes be hectic and having a cozy home where to relax is important. Thanks to Tokyo Rent I found my safe haven. The apartment is just right for me and my flat-mate and we have made some good friends among our neighbors. Living here has showed me the friendly and warm face of Tokyo."

               - Estonian art student studying at Tokyo University

"We are writing to commend Tokyo Rent. We have been renting one of their numerous places and are more than happy with Tokyo Rent. Unlike every other real estate company, they truly care about their tenants. They speak perfect English and they really understand the needs foreigners have."

"Tokyo Rent did not charge us any of the start-up costs that all other real estate companies request (key money, etc). We simply paid one month deposit and insurance in advance. They were able to do so because they actually own these places, thus there are no intermediaries to pay."

"Every one of our numerous questions was welcomed. They have been extremely helpful and reliable. Every promise made was kept! This is the best real estate company we have ever had the pleasure of working with."

"Thank you Tokyo Rent!"

               - Georgianna & Martin (United States)

"I have found Tokyo Rent to be efficient in dealing with issues and enquiries. I can recommend Tokyo Rent to prospective tenants as a reliable real estate agency."

                - Hamish ( New Zealand)    

"I have been living at Tokyo Rent Apartments for about 5 years now and it is the best place for me and my family in Tokyo.  We are very happy here and would recommend Tokyo Rent for a comfortable way of living."

                - Mrs. Paula Shaw (Singer)

"The staff at Tokyo Rent are very friendly and helpful. The place is regularly cleaned and maintained. The company is very fair with the way it deals with customers."

                - Andrew, British English teacher

Tokyo Rent: We do not ask for key money (additional payment given to the landlord upon arrival) or Agency Fees which greatly reduces the amount of the first payment under the contract. We also do not require a "guarantor” and the contract and all necessary documents are available and given in English. We do also have a unique offering for students in language schools! Tokyo Rent also has special campaigns featured every month. More on this as well as available apartments on our main homepage. And, you can look at our site in many different languages.

We can help you find a convenient and comfortable accommodation in Tokyo! We wish you a pleasant stay and successful studies while in Japan.

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