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Typically, only one months rent and a refundable security deposit are all that's required for you to move in. Here's a more detailed rental policy explanation.
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We own and operate over 500 apartments conveniently located throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Here's a complete list of currently available apartments.
We have been a leading provider of clean, affordable apartments to foreigners in Japan for over a decade. More than 75% of our tenants come from overseas.
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Here's a collection of useful links that we've found, or that have been recommended to us.

If you know of a site that would be helpful for people living in Japan, or if you're a webmaster that wants to exchange links, please let us know.

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Trying to decide where to live around Tokyo?

We have apartments throughout the city with easy access to major train and subway lines.

This map shows the locations of our most popular apartment buildings along with a table showing the transit times to major city centers like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Roppongi, and others.
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The websites listed below are either resources that we have found useful, or that have been recommended by our clients. 
We hope that you will find them useful as well.

If you have any recommendations that would be of interest to foreigners living in Japan, or if you notice that any of the links are non-functional, please write to us at

Getting Around - Trains, Subways, and Buses

Getting Around - Trains, Subways, Buses

Japanese Traffic Guide
Totally in English - just type in the station (train or subway) that you'll be departing from and your destination. Then, select your preferred departure time. The site will search its database and give you a selection of route choices based on shortest amount of elapsed travel time, fewest connections, lowest fare, etc.

Similar to the Japanese Traffic Guide, but not quite as easy to use.
Allows you to enter the station names and estimated departure time, then returns a selection of routes and fares.

East Japan Railway information including tickets, access, rail passes, major station layouts, and a pdf format English map of all the lines and stations.

Basic Survival Skills

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, in English, with detailed information on obtaining your visa.
Includes a detailed FAQ section.

Web Japan
Gateway to all Japanese information - includes links to numerous informational sites covering different aspects of Japanese life, culture, economy, and business.

Post Office
Japan Post Office English language website.
Provides helpful information on postal codes, EMS package tracking and tracing, delivery times, service hours, shipping costs, and stamps.

Medical and Dental

Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information
Searchable online database that includes hospitals, doctors and clinics in the Tokyo Metropolitan area along with the language capabilities of their staff.

Search criteria include location, closest station, medical specialty and language (English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian and more).
The interface is very simple and easy to use.

Tokyo Area Medical Resources

Extensive list of English speaking doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and other medical resources in the Tokyo Area. 
The list is maintained by the US Embassy in Tokyo on their website, but you don't have to register or be a US citizen to view it.

Yoga Garden 

"Yoga Garden is a small, independent yoga studio located in Motomachi, Yokohama. We offer yoga in a supportive, fresh and friendly environment. Our classes are designed for everyone. If you can't touch your toes, feel you're not flexible enough or are intimidated by the yoga you've seen, Yoga Garden is the right place for you to learn and grow."

Food & Drink

 English OK!      
A unique directory that features shops, restaurants, hotels and other services that have English speaking staff and menus.
There are also discount coupons, special offers and promotions.

English OK! Service Business Directory -  Tokyo Food Page  
An excellent English language site that covers over 1000 Tokyo and Yokohama restaurants, with guides to Japanese cuisine, recipes, and tours of Japanese markets.

 Gourmet Navigator 
Includes restaurants and bars in the Kanto area.
You can select restaurants by location, local train/subway station, or type of cuisine.

Getting Connected - Associations, Clubs, Organizations

College Women's Association of Japan
Founded in 1949, CWAJ is dedicated to promoting higher education through international cooperation. Membership is open to women of all nationalities with an interest in education, cross-cultural opportunities, and friendship.


DagMusic Agency  
Dagmusic provides foreign singers and voice actors to the top Japanese television channels, music production houses and game developing companies.
They are currently seeking an English/Japanese bilingual intern.

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners
Service run by the Japanese government to match up foreigners with available jobs. Website also includes information on visas, unemployment benefits, health insurance, and other job related issues.

Jobs in Japan
Active bulletin board type website that includes classified ads for EFL, ESL, teaching, IT & technology, modeling, acting, and entertainment jobs.

News, Books, Magazines

 Mainichi Daily News - Interactive
Web edition of the English Mainichi Newspaper.
Primarily the same content as the print edition, plus color photos, videos, and some unique features.

The Japan Times Online
The online version of Japan's most popular English language newspaper.

Bondi Books

One of the best used English language bookstores in the Tokyo area. The selection is great, and the staff is not only helpful, they're friendly as well. English, Japanese, and Australian spoken.

Good Day Books

With more than 35,000 different new, used, and hard-to-find English titles in stock, Good Day Books is the largest used English bookshop in Tokyo and in Japan.

Language - Teaching, Study and/or Translation

MLC Japanese Language school
MLC offers Japanese lessons for english speakers: private lesson, group courses, intensive courses and company courses.
There are also some free study materials available for download.

Japan Association for Language Teaching
A non-profit organization focused on improving language teaching and learning in Japan and overseas.
Has nearly 3,000 members in Japan, plus members abroad.
Holds regular events, conferences, and publishes materials.

Sensei Cafe   
Online service that matches language teachers and students throughout Japan.
Allows teachers to register in the database for free, which is then searched by prospective students.

121 Sensei
Teachers in Japan can sign up and use the website for free. Students pay a small fee to be matched up with the teachers. This website is used by many teachers looking to teach 1-on-1.

SWET - Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators
A Tokyo based organization for people involved in writing, translating, editing, teaching, and research in Japan.
Publishes a regular newsletter, holds monthly meetings, and has an excellent collection of online articles relating to writing and translating in Japan.

Study in Japan - Comprehensive Guide
Resources for students that want to study in Japan. Includes information on scholarships, admissions, visa requirements and a detailed FAQ.

Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center
Part of the Japan Student Services Organization, the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center focuses on students that what to improve their Japanese language ability so that they can pursue studies at Japanese universities or graduate schools.

Sports, Adventure and Entertainment

Performing Arts Network Japan
Sponsored by the Japan Foundation, the Performing Arts Network Japan has become the focal point for English and Japanese language information on all types of performing arts in Japan including theater, butoh, music, and other performances.

Japan Adventures
Contains the contact to many companies that provide outdoor adventures in Japan.
If you're into skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, biking, hiking, golfing, camping, or simply taking a walk through a beautiful park, this site will help you find who to get in touch with.
Fantastic if you want to escape the crowded city for an exciting adventure in Japan.

Outdoor Japan
English website on best places to hike, cycle, surf, gold and scubadiving.
Includes information on where to buy outdoor camping and sports equipment, recommendations on accommodations and onsens, transport availability, and more.

Computer Resources

RingoMUG - Macintosh User Group

Website for the English-speaking Mac users' community, mainly in the Kanto Area.
If you're a Mac/Apple enthusiast, you can attend one of their meetings at the Ginza Apple Store.

Tokyo Linux Users Group 
Tokyo based club and message board for Linux users. Holds regular monthly meetings. Website includes extensive information on setting up Linux in a Japanese environment.

English IT Support website for PC setup, PC repair and phone repair. Just fill in the online application with your question or concern.
Desktop, laptop and screen rentals are also available, for those truly desperate times.

Link Partners

Other websites that you might find interesting and useful-

Cheapo Japan
- Cheapo Japan is a site dedicated to traveling and living in Japan, without bursting the bank. 
Started by a British ex-pat who lived in Japan for many years, this site is full of useful information about Japan.  
"Having lived and traveled, many times with almost no money, we know the best tricks. We focus on getting the most out of this wonderful country, whether you are a backpacker, traveler, worker or student."

Study Abroad Enquiry Service - 
Use our free college admissions, Study Abroad, Language Schools, Internships and ESL enquiry service. 

Get fast and direct responses from over 200 Universities, Language Schools and Colleges.

Japan Classified Ads and Directory - Comprehensive Human-Edited Directory - Real Estate Resources and Directory - Shopping Directory

Free Volunteer Guide in Tokyo

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