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Typically, only one months rent and a refundable security deposit are all that's required for you to move in. Here's a more detailed rental policy explanation.
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Арендовать квартиру в Токио. Мой первый опыт.

Екатерина. Студентка школыСамупо долгосрочной программе

- Ну вот мы и пришли. Здесь на втором этаже моя квартира. – Катерина указала на лестницу и первой поднялась наверх. Я остался внизу осмотреться. Это был обычный двухэтажный японский дом. Здание на 12 квартир, на вид вполне современное, без каких-либо особых элементов дизайна. Единственное, что отличало его от сотен других похожих домов, так это металлическая табличка с выбитыми английским буквами Palazetto и интеренет адресом. Я поднялся вслед за Катей. Девушка ловко повернул ключ и потяналу дверь на себя. Изнутри повеяло спасительной прохладой.

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Ekaterina - student from Russia at a Japanese Language school on long-term program

I feel very at home here. I adjusted quite quickly. I originally came to Japan with one of my best girlfriends. She was just here for two weeks as a tourist, but I came to study. When I first entered into the apartment I had the immediate feeling of comfort and thought "yes, this is my home” and relaxed. 

People don’ t realize that furnished apartments in Japan are very expensive and it’ s much cheaper to rent an unfurnished apartment. Fortunately for me, Tokyo Rent told me about a wonderful store close to my house, “ Nittori,” where they sell all kinds of furniture and home goods. It was there that I bought my futon and all sorts of household goods. As for utilities, prior to my arrival, the leasing manager I was talking to arranged for them to be turned on. The bills come in my name although it is in katakana. At first I didn’t realize this. I was just happy that I was able to find and rent a nice apartment. I knew it would be an adventure.

I’m very pleased with the work of Tokyo Rent. On their Website, there is a Russian version of the main homepage and there is even Russian- speaking staff, however I got an English speaking manager, a girl named Laura. While I was in Russia, we communicated through email. She very quickly answered all my questions and concerns.

I arrived in Tokyo on an evening flight, spent the night in a hotel, and the next day went to the office. Laura explained in great detail how to get to the company, and I found my way there quite easily. In the office, I signed the Contracts which were in English. The whole process took about an hour. I was then advised by Laura to go to Kuyakusho (district municipality) to register and get issued an Alien Registration Card. That same day in the evening I went to apartment. While at the office I got the keys and Laura explained to us how to get to the apartment and even gave a very detailed map. She even marked the best route to go by train and then once at the main station of the apartment which roads to take.

Why did I decide to rent an apartment from Tokyo Rent?

I had previously lived alone, and a dorm or share house was out of the question. They simply were not an option for me, I preferred living alone. For me, a private single room, private shower and private kitchen are very important. If it had been financially possible, I would have chosen to live in a house, but because I had to manage my money, so I decided a private apartment in Tokyo was best.

Prices, frankly speaking are the same as in Moscow, with the only difference being that Japanese apartments are smaller and utilities are more expensive. So I was very happy and relieved to see that Tokyo Rent offered many apartments with reasonable price and size close to the main city. Of the options offered on the website I had interest in two or three.

What is your monthly rent for the apartment?

My rent is 70,000 yen per month. However people must understand that the first initial payment is the most expensive. The cost included the first month’s rent, deposit (returned when leaving the apartment); fire insurance coverage for two years (15,000 yen) and cleaning fee. Total first payment came out a little over 150,000 yen which this is NOT expensive by Tokyo standards. In fact it is very cheap. Another thing to keep in mind as well, to rent an apartment for one month is possible but it’s expensive. It makes more sense to rent for the long term; the longer the better. You save more this way.

I have lived here for over a month and I can tell you that I’m happy with my choice. The area is suitable for my life. In my area in general, there are several large shopping complexes and many small temples. Of course, I learned about all these things after my arrival. On my 7 minute walk to the station, I pass through a shopping street. There are many different shops from cosmetics to food. In the evening, cafes and restaurants are beautifully illuminated. I constantly find myself buying stuff on this street especially obento (Japanese boxed meals).

Comment from Laura, one of the Leasing Managers at Tokyo Rent:

I am very pleased that Ekaterina has enjoyed using our company and equally as pleased that she likes her apartment and the area she lives now.

I’ d like to take this time to say a few words about our company to our future customers from overseas: "Tokyo Rent" compares more favorably against most ordinary Japanese agencies because we are the owner or manager of majority of the offered buildings available for rent and our agency is designed to provide rental services specifically for foreigners.

We do not ask for key money (additional payment given to the landlord upon arrival) or Agency Fees which greatly reduces the amount of the first payment under the contract. We also do not require a "guarantor” and the contract and all necessary documents are available and given in English. We do also have a unique offering for students in language schools! Tokyo Rent also has special campaigns featured every month. More on this as well as available apartments on our main homepage; and as mentioned before, you can look at our site in many different languages including Russian as well.

We can help you find a convenient and comfortable accommodation in Tokyo! We wish you a pleasant stay and successful studies while in Japan.

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